Cash ‘n Check FAQs

-Why cash your check at Cash ‘n Check?

Cash ‘n Check is your friendly, neighborhood business proudly serving you and your business with all the financial services one would need. Whether you’re coming in to cash a check, pay a bill, send a money order, pick up a prepaid phone or credit card, make a wire transfer, or send a fax we will always provide the utmost in service and lower fee’s than anyone else around.


-What do I need to cash a Business Check?

We are happy to cash all checks made payable to your company by filling out our application and becoming one of our regular customers. We will need your Tax ID/Federal ID, Company Formation Papers, Ownership Papers and Trading-As Papers (if applicable).


-What is the cost to cash a check?

We are licensed by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Department of the Treasury.


-Do you cash Personal Checks?

Yes, we cash all types of checks, including Personal upon approval.


-Do I need photo ID every time I come in?

We hope each and every customer finds a home at Cash ‘n Check and becomes a regular for their financial needs. After your first check, you will be entered into our database.  Going forward, we will be happy to perform our Check Cashing services without ID.


-Are you open on holidays?

With respect to all families, we are closed on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Day.  We are open on all other holidays and are open later than all banks and other check cashing businesses in the Duval county area.


Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 11 am – 7pm  /  Saturday: 11am – 4pm


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