Money Orders

Money Orders: The safe and secure alternative in Jacksonville

Money orders give you the convenience and freedom of a check, without the need for a checking account.

  • Safe, secure way to pay bills and send funds through the mail
  • From a trustworthy name you know
  • Widely accepted form of payment in Florida, the USA, and worldwide
  • Your receipt makes your payment traceable

The Cash ‘n Check money order company is licensed and bonded by the State of Florida, complying with the state’s regulations for money order companies.

Money Order Processing Fees

Purchase money order $0.75 plus the amount of the money order  

Maximum amount per money order: $500

Cash in unused money order by purchaser $2.00
Stop payment with stub $10.00
Stop payment with unknown serial number $15.00
Copies of money orders $10.00

Have questions about Money Orders?

Give us a call at 904-379-4820 to speak to a helpful customer service representative.

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